Hi, I’m Chantelle.

I help busy parents create a harmonious and beautiful homelife.


I grew up in my earlier years in what I felt was a happy family. I have memories of family gatherings with my grandparents,

If you are a parent who cares about creating a warm, welcoming and happy life for you and your family, then you will feel right at home here.

But perhaps right now life feels a little chaotic.

Maybe you…

  • Dream of having a calm and beautiful home, but don’t know how to achieve it

  • Would love to create welcoming gatherings but often feel overwhelmed by the process

  • Feel busy and stressed, and you would like to learn the skills to slow down and enjoy life

  • Are interested in learning more about how to help your children thrive

  • Are simply looking for inspiration to create your own beautiful homelife

I would love to help you. Wellbeing and quality of life matter greatly to me. I love seeing people happy.

I believe that life doesn’t have to be complicated. And while we all have our own difficulties and challenges, we can live a life that we love.

What I can share with you:

  • How to create a home environment that looks beautiful, and feels calm and organised

  • How to slow down and simplify your life

  • How to look after your mental and physical health without resorting to extremes

  • How to gather simply and with ease

  • How to raise happy, well-adjusted children

  • How to celebrate and find joy in the everyday

Your life can feel harmonious and beautiful.

My story…

I’m a wife and mother of two children from Australia. With a background in styling, design, photography, films and writing. I use my art to share my message. And document everyday life with my family. I feel incredibly grateful for what I have and those in my life.

For the past few years I have been learning all I can about happiness and life satisfaction. Partly due to the loss of my mother in 2016, and also because I’m genuinely passionate about the art of living well.

I’ve read extensively about various topics related to wellbeing and different philosophies, learned about the similarities of the happiest cultures, completed courses related to happiness and helping children thrive, and had personal discussions with various mental health and wellbeing professionals.

With my life experience and knowledge I feel I can help and inspire others.

Home is my happy place. I’m deeply passionate about creating a calm and beautiful home for my family. And building positive and respectful relationships together. I love gathering simply and sharing special moments.

I care deeply about raising kind and happy children. And showing them the beauty in the world around us. I believe that play is so important for our children, and also for us as parents.

I’m not about hustling, but taking a gentler approach to life. I don’t deprive myself or push myself to extremes. I’m more about moderation and consistency.

I live an aesthetic life. Naturally noticing and creating beauty in everyday life. It involves intimacy - of belonging to a moment and celebrating the everyday.

Living this way attributes greatly to my happiness. And it provides an enriching environment for my family.

I would love to help you enjoy this way of life, too.

To help get your started I’ve created a free printable: 5 ways you can bring beauty into your life today.

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