I'm Chantelle, a writer and photographer from Australia. 

Home is my happy place. My place of calm. When the kids aren't screaming! It's where I feel inspired. Recharge. Feel safe and cozy. And where real life happens, tears and all. 

Home is where wafts of onion and olive oil meander from room-to-room as dinner is being cooked on the stove. And where we gather to share meals together and talk about those interesting moments of our day. 

The walls hold frames reflecting moments of our life together. The couch covered in cushions with dints from where we previously sat. It's a delicate blend of curated design elements and baskets of kids toys.

I like our home to accomodate life as it is actually lived.  

It's where I can be mindful, feel grateful and appreciate those around me. Where I can slow my mind and find comfort in those moments of silence.  

Our home has an atmosphere which I take great pride in creating. A skill which I feel I've developed over the years. To bring people together in a calm and welcoming space. Where judgement and drama is left at the door.