“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a
genuine interest in all the details of daily life.”

William Morris

This space is about simplifying and creating a life of beauty and harmony.
It’s about curating your life to remove the unnecessary, allowing space for what really matters.
So you can feel calmer and more content.


I’m Chantelle. A wellbeing writer and educator.

I live with my husband and two young children in Australia. I love to create - using photo, films and writing as an outlet to explore the world around me and express a way of life that I personally love.

And I love to inspire others to care about their wellbeing.

Her body of work captures a feeling of embracing life – a life of ease, of intimacy and belonging to a moment, and one which celebrates the everyday. It’s a slower pace of life. And what Chantelle refers to as ‘The art of living well.’ Chantelle is passionate about this way of life and writes about it on her journal. And it’s this way of living that inspires her creatively.

She also has a great appreciation for aesthetics. And cares deeply about creating environments which allow us to feel in harmony with our surrounding. From a simple plate of food that looks beautiful and brings a family together to a home that welcomes togetherness and relaxation, Chantelle is often creating beauty in her daily life and feels great happiness by doing so.


Chantelle works with clients who share a similar aesthetic and philosophy. Together we can create a visual story that shares this way of life and feeling with your audience. And the beauty of your product or service with others.

If you would like to talk about a collaboration, or to enquire about a project of any kind, please email: