Hello, I’m Chantelle.

In this space I share my thoughts on what it means to live well,
in the hope of inspiring you to create a life you love.

It’s also where I share my work as a professional photographer.
I’m based in Brisbane, Australia.

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I’m a wife and mother of two, with a background in design, interiors, styling, photography and writing. I’m deeply passionate about wellbeing and the philosophy of aesthetics. I believe that our physical environment effects our state of mind. And when we are in harmony with our surrounding it can help us feel calm and happy.

I’m rather anxious and highly sensitive myself. And come from a family who are prone to anxiety and depression. So I understand how important it is to be in a calm and orderly surrounding, and how important self care is.

I just finished writing my first eBook called The art of creating home

I believe that to really thrive in life it’s important to understand who we authentically are. To “Know thyself”. To look out for those things that spark something within us and to bring them into our daily life. Sometimes that means slowing down and simplifying the other areas of our life to make room for what really matters.

In this space I focus mostly on the following:

  1. Aesthetics: How living in a calm and beautiful surrounding contributes to our wellbeing

  2. Self-care: Learning what it takes to nurture your body, mind and soul

  3. Meaning: Understanding who you are and what is personally meaningful

  4. Connection: How closeness with our surrounding and in our relationships with others helps us feel happy

  5. Family: How to nurture and help your family thrive

My hope is that by visiting this space you feel inspired. And that you learn the skills to create a life that helps you and your family thrive.

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