What is the art of living well?

The art of living well is a way of life. It’s creating a welcoming and aesthetically beautiful home that feels safe, organised, and allows us to unwind. It’s slowing down and living joyfully; celebrating the everyday with our good friends and family, or alone, and creating beautiful experiences in our daily life. It’s about self-care; looking after our mental and physical health, being gentle towards ourselves, and being present to our surrounding. And it’s about happy families; showing kindness and empathy towards one another, and helping each other flourish.

It’s a way of life that helps us feel happy and at ease.

And it’s what this blog is all about inspiring.


Meet Chantelle

Chantelle is a wife, a mother of two children, and a creative. Passionate about wellbeing and quality of life. She loves home and has a deep appreciation of aesthetics. When she isn’t looking after her family, she is styling a corner of her home, or head down in a book about wellbeing while sipping a cup of coffee. She loves simple beautiful food, and quite often has good friends over to share croissants on a weekend morning, or a vino and gooey cheese on a sunny afternoon. She cares deeply about raising kind, empathetic and happy children. And loves creating an enriching home for her family to thrive.

She hopes to inspire you about a way of life that she personally lives by (most of the time) and loves.

To see a glimpse into her daily life, visit Chantelle on Instagram.


Chantelle works with businesses and brands who share a similar aesthetic and philosophy. Together we can create a story using words and photo or film, that inspires this way of life with your audience.

Chantelle also accepts ideas for sponsored posts that fit with her aesthetic and philosophy about living well.

If you would like to talk about a collaboration, or to enquire about a project of any kind, please email: