Hi, I’m Chantelle.

I’m here to help those who are highly sensitive learn the art of living well.


I’m a writer and creative, passionate about quality of life and aesthetics. I’m also a perfectionist and highly sensitive person, which means I often feel things quite deeply. I’m a mother to two sensitive children also.

Growing up I’ve always been deeply affected by my physical surrounding and those in it. And easily overwhelmed when surrounded by chaos, or those with hostile or intense personalities. I always put it down to being shy (and often labelled so) and looked at myself as being too emotional or anxious. I recall many moments in my childhood of retreating to the backyard after school to recharge and reflect. And often felt rattled by negative criticism.

Over the years I have become more familiar and accepting of this sensitive side. And I’ve learned what it is that I need to really thrive. So I can be the best version of myself and therefore have the strength to support others.

I’m here to help those of you who are at the start of this journey. Who suspect you may be highly sensitive too. Who wish to learn the art of living well as a sensitive person in a noisy world. And long to create a life that feels calm, beautiful and meaningful. But aren’t really sure how.

In this space I focus mostly on the following:

  1. Aesthetics: How living in a calm and beautiful surrounding benefits our happiness and wellbeing

  2. Self-care: Learning what it takes to nurture your body, mind and soul as a sensitive person

  3. Meaning: Understanding who you are and what is personally meaningful

  4. Connection: How closeness with our surrounding and in our relationships with others helps us thrive

My hope is that by visiting this space you feel understood. That you can finally exhale and relax within yourself, understanding that being sensitive is a beautiful part of your personality. And that you learn the skills to create a life that helps you flourish.

A little more:

I have 20 years experience in the creative industry, with knowledge and training in interior design, graphic design, styling, photography and films. Creating beauty is what I know and do well, as well as creating order.

I lost my mother to suicide. It encouraged me to look at my life more deeply. I’m also close to many who battle anxiety and depression. Anxiety has been a struggle for me also. When I’m not parenting or creating beauty, I’m reading literature related to wellbeing, and how the healthiest and happiest cultures from around the world live.

I’ve lived abroad at various times of my life, both with and without children. Penang (Malaysia), Toronto and Montréal (Canada), Berkeley and Seattle (America) have been home for a while. I’m now back in my hometown of Brisbane (Australia) where I live with my husband and two young children. I love to travel and explore. But love having a ‘nest’ to return home to.

For most of my teenage and early adult years I struggled with body image. Starving myself on-and-off to quickly shed unwanted weight. And then I had children. With their eyes on me as a role model I swore never to diet again.

During my first pregnancy I developed a rare autoimmune disease. Which always seems to flare at times when I’m struggling within. When my self-love is low and I’m not practising self-care.

I love coffee, chocolate, authentic Italian food, running at sunrise, ambient music, gathering with those I love most in casual ways, and being by water.