Chantelle is a writer and photographer, living in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two children.

Her body of work captures a feeling of embracing life – a life of ease, of intimacy and belonging to a moment, and one which celebrates the everyday. It’s a slower pace of life. And what Chantelle refers to as ‘The art of living well.’ Chantelle is passionate about this way of life and writes about it on her journal. And it’s this way of living that inspires her creatively.

Her hope is that through her words and images she inspires others to live well and thoughtfully.

Chantelle also has a great appreciation for aesthetics. And cares deeply about creating environments which allow us to feel in harmony with our surrounding. From a simple plate of food that looks beautiful and brings a family together to a home that welcomes togetherness and relaxation, Chantelle is often creating beauty in her daily life and it contributes greatly to her happiness.