Hello, I’m Chantelle.

I’m here to help you bring calm and beauty into your homelife.
So you and your family can thrive.


I’m a wife and mother, with a background in design, styling, photography, videography and writing. I’m deeply passionate about wellbeing and the philosophy of aesthetics. With my acute sensitivity to visual details I naturally notice and create beauty in my daily life. Living this way attributes to my happiness, and helps my family thrive.

I believe that our physical environment and those objects we interact with everyday attribute to our happiness. That when we live in a calm and beautiful environment it helps us go about our day more productively and joyfully.


In this space I make it easy for you to understand how to:

  • Reduce clutter and create order in your home

  • Create a calm and aesthetically beautiful home environment

  • Bring peace and order into your children’s spaces

  • Gather simply and authentically with loved ones

  • Create beautifully presented food with ease

To help you, I have created a series of online courses and ebooks that teach you the art of creating calm and beauty in your homelife. And how to create a home that feels welcoming and accommodates real life.

Visit the Courses page to find out more.