Hi. I'm Chantelle.

I write about well-being and quality of life. And use photography and films as an expression of how I view the world around me. Together they help me be mindful. And feel grateful for what I have. 

My mother commit suicide in 2016 which led me on a search for meaning. For what matters in life. For how I'd like to spend my time here. 

It encouraged me to notice my surrounding. To appreciate what I have right in front of me. And to simplify and let go of those things which really are insignificant in comparison. Since then I've lived more fully. Aware. And feel a greater sense of contentment in my everyday life. 

I write with the hope of motivating others to prioritise well-being. To make gentle changes to reach that harmonious balance unique to all of us. 

To say hello or for enquires please email me at: