Hi I'm Chantelle, a wellbeing coach. 

I help people create calm home environments that encourage togetherness.

I inspire being present and finding joy in the simple moments of life.


I'm a big believer that our physical environment influences our state of mind. That being in a quiet environment can ground and calm us in an otherwise loud and chaotic world. It allows us to seek respite from stressful situations and daily distractions. And clear our minds to allow for inspiration and creative ideas flow in. 

When we don't feel in harmony with our physical environment it can often affect our wellbeing in a negative way. We feel clouded, unable to think clearly, and a tension throughout our body. It can also leave us feeling frustrated which can affect those living with us. 

That's where I can help. 

I value aesthetics and simplicity. I'm inspired by European culture and how they live. When I heard of the Danish term Hygge and Japanese term Wabi-Sabi they really resonated as I view life, home and entertaining similarly. 

Through my work as a photographer, stylist and designer I often receive comments about how calming the images and environments I create are. I have a gentle approach which shows in the work I produce. 

In my home I have guests visit and sit cross legged on our living room floor with a coffee in hand. It fills me with happiness to see them comfortable enough to do so, and so relaxed in a space that I have created.

I'm naturally drawn to calm personalities, nature and quiet. I'm mindful. And I love to create peaceful and thoughtful moments in the everyday. 

I'm also incredibly organised.

But enough about me.

What can I do for you? 

I help coach people on how to create a calm home environment. I listen to your concerns. View photos or visit in person to get a feel for the space you live in. And from there I put together a simple plan to assist you in creating a home environment that aligns with your ideals. 

I teach you how to minimise, organise and bring in those elements that will help bring a sense of peace into your home.

Together we create a space that is in harmony with you and your family. And accommodates your life/lives as they are actually lived. 

It's not an overnight fix. Like all good things in life they take time, patience and care. But in small frequent steps your home begins to transcend into a quiet beautiful environment where you or your family can thrive and have the space and clarity to create happy memories together. 


Initial consultation - $500

  • Includes a 1 hour talk over Skype or a visit in person if located in the Brisbane, Australia area
  • A moodboard for reference and inspiration of what we can achieve in your personal space
  • An easy to follow action plan going forward with tips on decluttering the particular areas of your home that concern you and ideas on how to organise spaces better so they flow and create ease 
  • Elements that can be brought in gradually to help create a warm, comforting and inviting home

Follow up consultation - $150

  • Includes a 1 hour talk over Skype or a visit in person if located in the Brisbane, Australia area
  • We discuss the progress you have made and I offer further advice on areas that are still not working for you

Workshops - $150

I offer workshops from occasionally in Brisbane. They run for 2 hours. 

Together we gather over cups of tea and fresh baked treats and talk about what it is that creates a home with warmth and personality. I teach you ways that you can bring a sense of calm into your home.

We create our own personal moodboard to take away to use as inspiration moving forward. All materials are provided. 

We become a community of people working towards a lifestyle that welcomes calm and where we can embrace le Joie de Vivre. Human connection is equally important to having a calm home environment for overall wellbeing. 

Please check the calendar for latest workshop dates.

Please note

What I predominately do is style a space. With what you already have and what could possibly be added in to create warmth and comfort. I don't redesign, draw up plans for renovations or anything major that requires engineering and builders (and huge amounts of money!). I'm all about the ambience of a space and enhancing the personal story of your home. 

In simple terms, I create an atmosphere. 

I also don't judge. So there is no need to feel embarrassed. I'm here to help, using the skills and natural talent that I have. Together we can create a space where you can be fully present and recharge.  

For bookings or enquiries

I'm happy to discuss any questions you have and welcome all enquiries. 

Please call or email - 

0408 189 131