Chantelle is a photographer, film-maker and writer. Who lives in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two young children.

Her body of work captures a feeling of embracing life. One of ease, of intimacy and belonging to a moment, and one which celebrates the everyday. She lives an aesthetic life - a philosophy which involves a deep appreciation of beauty. Of noticing beauty and creating it in our daily life. It’s her art of living well.

Chantelle is passionate about this way of life and writes about it on her journal. She shares squares of her surrounding and daily life on Instagram.


Chantelle works with clients who share a similar aesthetic and philosophy. Together we can create a visual story using photo or film, or both, that shares this way of life and feeling with your audience.

Chantelle works locally with clients in Brisbane, or remotely creating content for brands globally.

If you would like to talk about a collaboration, or to enquire about a project of any kind, please email: