About Chantelle

I recall from a very early age my love of photographs. I would sit on our living room floor flipping through the albums of my parent’s earlier years. I would look at black & white negatives on an old film slide viewer of my beloved great uncle’s life with his one and only love. And read his detailed stories which he typed on a vintage typewriter. Life and the stories we live, captivate me.

With life comes tragedy, as it sometimes does. I lost my mother to suicide. It was a turning point in my life. I questioned what really matters in life, and what it means to live well.

Here I am at 39 years old. Writing my thoughts about life and what I’ve learned along the way. And documenting life with my loved ones - the little moments of magic in the everyday.

I’m here to help you capture your unique story too. As a photographer and videographer I aim to capture the beauty in daily life with your loved ones - the little details that make you and your family unique. My hope is that it fills you with happiness and gratitude for all the wonderful things you have right in front of you.